My book project’s working title is Behave! American Popular Media and Behavioral Economics.  Beginning with an alternative cultural history of key public intellectuals associated with behavioral economics, I trace the enormous impact that a somewhat dispersed academic discipline has had on American popular culture, from podcasts to films, and from the halls of Harvard to the branding narratives around exploitative Silicon Valley start-ups. Especially after the 2008 financial crisis, the behavioral mode diverted public attention away from systemic responses and channeled it through behavioral assumptions about the human mind and the human subject. Behavioral economics’ predictive models limited the political horizon of what is possible in a democratic society. My aim is to crack that constraint. 

I am Associate Professor in the Department of English Language & Literature at Whittier College, a small liberal arts college at the eastern edge of Los Angeles county in California, where I teach contemporary American literature, Asian American literature, ChicanX literature, media studies, creative nonfiction and creative writing. 

I am also the Economics & Finance Section Editor and a regular contributor at The Los Angeles Review of Books.  Contact me there with pitches.

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I am on sabbatical this academic year. 

If you are a current student and an English major and need immediate help, please contact the department. 

If you have been my student in the past, or are an alum, my door is always open to you, so to speak, but I am very slow on emails at this moment. Be patient, and I’ll get back to you. 

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing people again, virtually and maybe even someday in person, in the future.