Neoliberal Gaslighting, Quality Journalism, and Podcasting, Aug 2020

The 7 Neoliberal Arts, edited by Lee Konstaninou.


What We Talk About When We Talk About The Middle Class

Los Angeleno, Jan 2020

So, as we figure out who we are when we’re not middle class, we are going to have to demand a greater horizon than partial ‘access to affordable health care.’ It’s hard to look up when you’re in survival mode.

The Rise of Behavioral Economic Masculinity

American Literary HistoryDec 2019

This essay begins a cultural history of the behavioral economic narrative mode in American popular media. From podcasts to Michael Lewis’s books and films, the behavioral economic mode of narration changes the character or figure of economic knowledge. Instead of the distant financial expert, this mode insists on the narrative authority of the (white, male) friendly explainer.

podcast of this talk in Sydney, 2019. 

Where I Am From

From Slouching Towards Los Angeles

Living and Writing in Joan Didion’s Light

from Rare Bird Press 2020, published here on LitHub.

Powerful land-owning families play a role in how we build our cities, how we claim and imagine the land. I wanted Didion to cop to her role in the process. So I dug through the land records. 

Extreme Hoards

Race, reality television, and real estate value during the 2008 financial crisis.  

Postmodern Culture 27.3 (2017)

An interview about the essay with Johns Hopkins Univ. Press.


The Los Angeles Review of Books

I don’t know that trying to talk to Catherine that night about her family’s Japanese-American neighbors would have changed her mind. But I believe now that I should have tried, with empathy and respect. This is my effort to speak with her now, across the transom.

Getting Us Through: Dance Church Sia

How do you cut your hair? If I am to be taken seriously when, for example, discussing the economy does this mean that I must never dance, or speak openly about hair and make up? Is my self-care and survival nothing more than a passing personal concern?

What We Talk About When We Talk About Finance

The Los Angeles Review of Books

Being Theon Greyjoy

or why this dick in a box matters

The Los Angeles Review of Books

Reading Katy Perry

Trop Magazine, anthologized in California Prose Anthology 2014

The Bride Laid Bare By Her Bachelors Even

The Santa Monica Review



Co-editor, The Routledge Companion to Literature & Economics. 

Chapter on “Behavioral Economics and Genre.” 

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