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“A bell rings. Congratulations! the producers cry. You passed the egg test! This test roughly approximates the pressures of changing a baby’s diaper at two in the morning. You will make a good father. Now, jump into this tub of ice water.

When you emerge, spitting, Russian women hit you with birch twigs. This approximates nothing but itself. ”

— “The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors Even,” The Santa Monica Review, Honored in The Best American NonRequired Reading 2014 “Notable” list. Link to the PDF.


“Neighbors,” at The Los Angeles Review of Books

MY JAPANESE-AMERICAN grandfather’s life’s work was the Chihara Jewelry Company, a small rented storefront in Seattle, Washington. He sold earrings and watches and taught himself how to repair televisions. He was jailed when American went to war with Japan because he was a “community leader.” He was reunited with my grandmother, and their four children, after a year and a half of jail time, in internment camp in Minidoka, Idaho. In his FBI file, I have a copy of a letter written by his neighbor, Fred Bergman. It appears on custom Bergman Luggage stationery, with a drawing of leather valises running down the side…