Where I Am From – on Joan Didion and California

The essay that I contributed to Slouching Towards Los Angeles, a collection of essays inspired by Joan Didion and published by Rare Bird Press in February, was also published on Lit Hub. It’s about her complicated heritage, California land, and how and when to take responsibility.

One thought on “Where I Am From – on Joan Didion and California

  1. Wow, just wow. I read your essay. So much resonates. Berkeley, your trip to Sacramento especially mentioning the boardwalks. “Run River” has always been my entree to understanding Didion. She is still St. Joan but I applaud your dissection of “Where I was From”. I too winced at Chinese Gordon, but my daughter winces at my obviousness, so I’ve got to forgive her again. I have only grandsons, so who knows where my sometimes-signed Didion collection will go. Hopefully to a good home and a future. Well done, indeed (condolences on the loss of your father) Linda.

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