In the spring 

of 2018, ABC aired the family-oriented sitcom Alex, Inc, the story of a man who risks his family’s savings on starting a venture-funded podcasting company. Alex Schuman impulsively quits an uninspiring job in public radio, where his diverse but aging co-workers favor stories about, for example, gorillas learning sign language. By getting away from this mild political correctness and starting a private company, Alex will “change the world.” His son tells him at the dinner table, “Nobody thinks radio is cool, but when you do it, it’s amazing.” This praise gives Alex the confidence to bust his car through a safety gate at the airport to catch a billionaire tech investor before he departs on his private jet. Chris Sacca, the venture capitalist, plays himself. On the tarmac, Alex makes his pitch. Sacca is convinced! Alex shows passion and drive!

Sacca asks what the first podcast will be about. Somehow, Alex is stumped. His wife, who is Indian American, suggests that “this”  she waves vaguely at their car and their interracial family  “is the first show,” the authentic narrative of a bumbling public radio producer turned entrepreneur. Sacca says, “I love it, it’s the American Dream.” The airport police then arrest Alex and he runs away from them, cuffed. This is played for laughs.

A man in 2018 America running from the cops at the airport after using his car as a weapon can only be played for laughs if the man is white. The show is aware…